Personalized Referral Service
for Senior Living Options

“Thank you Lisa and Gently Guided! My husband was diagnosed at the age of 57 with EOA, early onset Alzheimer’s. We have been taking care of him for 5 years at home, and mostly doing fine. When it became increasingly obvious that it was going to soon be unsafe, or impossible for me to go to work and keep caregivers at home, I made the difficult decision to start the search for a safe, and caring place where he could live.

I had no idea where to go, or how to find a place, or people I could trust. Someone recommended I call Lisa, to help in my search. I felt like I had spoken with a friend after the first phone call with Lisa. To be honest, I didn’t even ask who she worked for, nor did she speak of it as “work”. I had previously called a larger, nationwide placement company and felt like all they were doing was giving me a list of places to check out on my own, and wanted me to notify them when I found a place. They were calling me and emailing me, and I had only wanted to just dip my toes in, to see what was out there. Lisa was not like that at all. It took me a year to be ready, and ultimately decide on a place that felt right. Lisa was there through it all, having brought me to see multiple nice places. She would meet me in the evening after we both had been working all day, as well as on weekends, it didn’t matter, she was there.

I just want to say “thank you” for staying by my side through it all, and thank you for helping us find what we needed. It’s been an emotional journey, and I am lucky to have had Lisa “gently guide” me.”