What People Say

“Thank you Lisa and Gently Guided! My husband was diagnosed at the age of 57 with EOA, early onset Alzheimer’s. We have been taking care of him for 5 years at home, and mostly doing fine. When it became increasingly obvious that it was going to soon be unsafe, or impossible for me to go to work and keep caregivers at home, I made the difficult decision to start the search for a safe, and caring place where he could live.

I had no idea where to go, or how to find a place, or people I could trust. Someone recommended I call Lisa, to help in my search. I felt like I had spoken with a friend after the first phone call with Lisa. To be honest, I didn’t even ask who she worked for, nor did she speak of it as “work”. I had previously called a larger, nationwide placement company and felt like all they were doing was giving me a list of places to check out on my own, and wanted me to notify them when I found a place. They were calling me and emailing me, and I had only wanted to just dip my toes in, to see what was out there. Lisa was not like that at all. It took me a year to be ready, and ultimately decide on a place that felt right. Lisa was there through it all, having brought me to see multiple nice places. She would meet me in the evening after we both had been working all day, as well as on weekends, it didn’t matter, she was there.

I just want to say “thank you” for staying by my side through it all, and thank you for helping us find what we needed. It’s been an emotional journey, and I am lucky to have had Lisa "gently guide" me.”

MK, Los Angeles

“Lisa and Frank are seasoned experts in matching the needs of their clients to the most suitable senior housing for those clients. They bring a wealth of knowledge of senior living options to any community and are familiar with the complexity of certain medical diagnosis that afflict seniors through personal experience. They guide families through the emotional period of moving their loved ones with the highest degree of integrity and compassion. Lisa and Frank are honest, straightforward and caring. In my 20 years of experience, caring for the elderly at my assisted living facilities, I have found Gently Guided and specifically, Lisa and Frank, to be the most professional. They are a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to any family seeking assistance in figuring out options for their loved ones.”

E.N., Board and Care Home Owner, Los Angeles

“Lisa Bricker is a true gem! I am grateful for her guidance as I struggled to find a placement for my mother who has Alzheimer’s. As anyone in my position knows, making the choice to place a loved one in assisted care is an overwhelming and often painful process. Lisa understands these feelings from personal experience as she lends empathy and genuine understanding to her work with clients. Throughout the process of working with her, Lisa has been consistently available by phone and email for the multitude of questions I have had, from financial to emotional.

With Lisa’s authentic support and thorough knowledge of facilities/resources in the area, I have felt reassured that I have been making the best choices I can for my mother. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to find the right fit for their loved one. I truly can’t imagine having gone through the process of placing my mother without her!”

JB, Los Angeles

“Through good luck I was guided to Frank Cunningham when I was looking for an assisted living community for my sister. I had looked on-line, called for information, visited a few communities and talked to numerous friends and neighbors about their own personal experiences. Whew! It was a lot of work! And I was coming up empty. All of that changed when I met Frank.

He returned my call the same day I reached out to him. He asked me many very specific questions and inquired about my sister’s needs and mine. Two days later, we met at my house and we talked about the industry in general and again about our family’s requirements and desires. Best of all he really listened- with a patient and open heart. Then, he got to work. We went to a few communities, where it was obvious he was known and respected. After each visit he really wanted to know what were my pros and cons. Through each step of the way he was open, not judgmental or pushy. It was obvious he wanted the best for us. I appreciated his expertise, his connections, his accessibility and his patience. He led me to a great community, which I never would have found on my own. I give him the highest recommendation and am grateful for his service. Sometimes in life we come by blessings when we most need them. Frank was that "gently guided" blessing to us.”

S.H., Los Angeles

“While working with Kelly Endres, a VA benefits consultant with National Veterans Support , I mentioned the need to find a safe, comfortable, financially sustainable assisted living situation for my elderly mother. He introduced me to Frank Cunningham and Gently Guided LLC. Frank and his service provided exactly the help I needed. He listened compassionately to our desires and concerns then, through his extensive resources, introduced us to possible solutions that were within our budget and aligned with our needs. It was the help I needed and led to the solution my mother deserved.”

G.L. Los Angeles

“I am so grateful for the exceptional service provided by Frank Cunningham and Gently Guided. I had worked with other placement companies in the past when we needed to move my grandfather and had been disappointed at the lack of personalized service. Working with Frank was a breath of fresh air. Frank’s deep knowledge of the local market and connections with the senior community removed all the stress out of the search process. Frank scheduled every tour appointment and was present with me for each one, never once pressuring me about my choice. Instead Frank took the time to learn what was important to my grandmother and our family, taking in to consideration much more than just price. I was introduced to places not previously on my radar and through Frank’s insight, I was able to look beyond surface factors and choose the perfect new home for my beloved grandmother. Working with Frank was like being on the no-stress express. When it came time to move Grandma Frank was even able to recommend the best senior moving service.
The whole experience was top notch!”

K.M. Glendale