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Lisa Bricker, Alzheimer's and Dementia Placement Specialist and Founder of Gently Guided, LLC


Alzheimer’s & Dementia Placement Specialist, Elder Care Consultant, Leadership Coach

For 25+ years, Lisa Bricker worked with accomplished professionals as a coach and consultant. Now, her life’s work is advocacy for caregivers and compassionate placement for their loved ones.

Lisa created Gently Guided, LLC in deep service to families; to help them transition forward with compassion. She has served hundreds of families with diverse needs as an Alzheimer’s and Dementia Placement Specialist and Elder Care Consultant. She removes the burden of “feeling alone” from their shoulders and guides them through the decision-making process.

From an early age, Lisa saw the toll caregiving can take on family members. Her grandfather survived a stroke and lived for 30 years with Lisa’s grandmother as his caregiver. In 2005, she became a family caregiver when her father was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoma and her mother was in the early stages of vascular dementia. At this time, Lisa’s husband Gary began experiencing mild seizures impacting his short-term memory.

Gary was 55 when subtle signs that something wasn’t quite right first appeared. He was a successful real estate attorney for many years. After two job losses and four moves in three years, it became apparent that something wasn’t right. There was nothing obvious or that you could put a finger on and unfortunately, the first two neurologists they engaged with chalked it up to a seizure disorder…even though his short-term memory was affected after each episode. Of course, denial is powerful, especially with any type of progressive brain disease with inconsistent and subtle early symptoms. After many years of uncertainty Gary was formally diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimer’s in 2012.

After years of not knowing what was happening, the diagnosis gave Lisa and Gary the courage to face the disease together. Fueled by frustration, wanting to make a difference, and needing to become the financial provider, Lisa transitioned out of her coaching practice and began her career as an Alzheimer’s and dementia placement specialist in 2012. Supporting family caregivers confronted with this difficult journey has given her a renewed sense of purpose.

Lisa remains a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA. She has served on the Coaching Faculty for the Executive MBA Program for Loyola Marymount University. She’s also an education member of the Aging Life Care Association, a public speaker, and a support group leader. Additionally, Lisa serves on the public policy committee for Alzheimer’s Los Angeles on the local and state level.

Through all this, Lisa continues to prioritize self-care and mindfulness and she encourages family caregivers to do the same.